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  • The stunning selection of evening dresses on offer by ESCADA fully represents the luxurious designer creations for which the brand is renowned for and for which it has garnered much acclaim. Elegance, edge and glamour are all well provided for in a collection that has inspired fashion followers to bring the sparkle back to formal evening occasions. Evening dresses provide the perfect opportunity for fashionable women to express their individual sense of what represents night-time glamour. ESCADA gives fashionable women the means of making a memorable entrance that will unmistakably carry their personal style signature. Top designers have accommodated every personality type from the quietly elegant to the flamboyantly fabulous with striking designs that whisper or shout their intent to impress.

  • Cut, color and luxurious fabrics combine to produce short and sassy cocktail dresses in solid black with elaborate embroidered detail that is perfectly offset by elegant gold high-heeled shoes and matching clutch. All that glitters is indeed gold in the case of evening dresses created from gold lamé-coated fabrics that drape sensually in shimmering fashionable folds that make accessorizing a minimal requirement. However, the designer shoes chosen to carry the look into a room will have a significant effect on how the personality of the wearer is perceived. Quietly confident women can select simple high-heeled elegance, or the daringly trendy can choose from a range of shoes that demand their equal share of detailed attention.

  • Elegance is an aspect of fashion that ESCADA is well acquainted with, and its collection of evening gowns depicts a cool but daring elegance that also satisfies trendier tastes. Cool black numbers with high cut necklines are given a glamorous touch with gold-colored appliqués that accentuate the waistline, while sequined embroidery adds striking detail to a classically cut gown. For an entrance that is guaranteed to be spectacular, there is an option of an ultra-glamorous, three-dimensional Matelassè jacquard with interwoven golden yarn that also features elaborate matching embroidered detail on the bodice, sleeves and voluminous skirt. Other options ensure an entrance that will be met with quick intakes of breath and whispers of admiration. Evening dresses in quality fabrics that drape softly and simply are given a hint of daring by slits that give teasingly brief glimpses of elegantly long legs as the stylish woman glides into a room. Necklines invite simple accessories, while bare arms are canvases for more elaborate eye-catching bracelets that can add a touch of stylish flair to the elegant look. Designs that accentuate perfectly sculpted shoulders leave one bared while the luxurious fabric flows softly from the other. The options are extensive, but all hold the promise of making a striking fashion statement. They are also wide and varied enough to create the individual style signatures that all fashionable women strive for. For an exceptional collection of evening gowns, as well as accessories guaranteed to add further glitter to a star-lit evening, take a look at ESCADA.